Caloudi CMP 2.0

Simply Intelligent

Many cloud service consumers fail to realize the implicit cloud costs that crept away. Ideally, an organization should be able to keep track of its cloud consumption for both optimization and fault prevention.

Caloudi CMP 2.0 Benefits

Optimize cloud expense

Monitor expense through interactive charts and dashboard with smart suggestions and fault-proof alerts

Providing proactiveness

Providing AI-based smart cost forecasts and anomaly detection insights to react before consequence

On-demand access

Requiring only the need of a device and internet access to view real-time cloud resource and cost analysis

Split cost at ease

Segmenting cloud costs of business groups and individual projects simply using customizable resource tag and filter

Automated repeated tasks

Generate and mail auto-reports on specified date and recursive schedule

Maximize data utilization

Data sorted using line, bar, pie chart, and tables to present cloud data in a way that anyone could easily understand

Our solution - Caloudi CMP 2.0

Cost management
  • Real-time dashboard summary of various organizational costs
  • Ranked costs and usage of customizable groupings
  • Customizable and schedulable recursive budget alerts and auto-generated cost reports
  • Easy-create and easy-apply user preference filter for cost assessment
Resource utilization
  • Erroneous activity identification though interactive Network Topology and visualized App Insights
  • Monitor resource utilization and costs of VM, SQL Database, Storage Account, Web App, etc.
  • Auto-generated reports for every supported resource with designated metrics graph and resource properties
  • Other supported resources include App Gateway, Key Vault, SQL Server, Virtual Network
Caloudi CMP2.0 solution
Usage monitor
  • Monitor RI usage and examine comparative cost differences
  • Obtain non-groupable usage data effortlessly through filter personalization with unlimited numbers of resource tags
  • Visualize usage through pie, line, and bar charts
  • Export and share usage graphs and tables via email
Governance and automation
  • CMP governance through admin-defined user control settings
  • Incorporate adaptive user-interface for each user with different permission setting
  • User-defined automated cost alert system allowing threshold, date, budget personalization
  • Swift supervision using numerous user-defined filter of various objectives
Caloudi CMP2.0 solution
AI-based analytics and recommendation system
  • Provide purchase suggestions through RI recommendation system
  • Provide prognosis reference for cost allocation using cost forecast system
  • Proactive alert system through potential activity anomaly identification

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