Achieve 4x efficiency and save ¼ cloud cost​

Saving More with Less

Plan your cloud resources securely and cost-effectively with Caloudi CRP using AI anomaly detection and alerts, smart resource tag assignment, orphan resource analysis,RBAC, and mamy more for you to explore.

Multi-cloud Resource Planning Platform

Empowers all cloud asset stakeholders, including non-IT project owners, to effortlessly monitor the cost and operations of their public cloud assets with AI-based smart recommendations and autonomous alerts.

CRP = Plan + Optimize

Spotlight Features

Resource Monitoring and Planning

Allocation Recommendation​

  • Detailed cost summary available to plan out yearly or tri-yearly purchases​
  • Usage-based RI purchase recommendations with detailed flexibility group, scope, coverage, and estimated savings​
8Soft Allocation Recommendation​

AI Monitor

  • Top anomalies alerted in Advisor Dashboard​
  • Click alert card to pin-point primary causes from service down to instance level​
  • Adjustable time frame and sensitivity level​
8iSoft Budgeting​


  • Setup budget for any desired scope down to resource tag level​
  • Auto alert when budget reaches custom threshold​
  • Visualized report could be scheduled and shared to external parties​

Spotlight Features

Cost and Efficiency Optimization

Waste Identification​

  • Identify potential waste through orphan resource detection with detailed % and cost​
  • Reference usage and balance dashboard for overage references​
  • Monitor RI order utilization summary and alter order accordingly​


  • Use custom VM auto on-off scheduler to optimize during peak and off-peak hours​
  • In-app VM provisioning with cost estimation​
8iSoft Auto-operation
8iSoft CRP Dashboard

Add-on Modules​

  • M365 Module: Unused, unassigned, inactive license management and service plan breakdown (Purchases available to certain regions)​
  • Security Module (Coming Soon)​

Why people are choosing us?

Perks for our Customers

  • Multi-cloud management for Azure, GCP, AWS
  • Fully refundable within 72 hours
  • Instant onboarding on 3 minutes
  • No base fee, pay as you spend
  • Contact us for enterprise free trial and special offer

Simple Pricing

Caloudi pricing model that ACTUALLY encourages saving.
The more you save, the less you pay us.
Purchase through Azure Marketplace and get started right now.


2% Total Cloud Consumption

  • CRP Full Features
  • Quarterly Health Report
  • Premium Consulting service and support


3% Total Cloud Consumption

  • CRP Full Features
  • Quarterly Health Report
  • Premium Consulting service and support


5% Total Cloud Consumption

  • CRP Full Features
  • Quartely Health Report
  • Premium Consulting service and support
(Only avalible in certain regions)

Quarterly Specials !
| 2024 Q1 Specials Offers

Free Azure credits for Enterprise-level customers !

Got a Question?

We are here to assist you in your long-term cloud resource planning and management

Yes, all new customers (~2023/03/30) are eligible for a free security check after 1 month of CRP usage. Please contact us via if you are interested in our custom security check report. We will provide you with a detailed report of your current cloud resource status with insights and suggestions about possible adjustments you could make and how you can utilize CRP to save up to 25% cloud consumption.

Yes, if your organization has an EA subscription and purchases our CRP directly through Azure Marketplace, we will automatically allocate 1K Azure Credits to you after 1 month of subscription. This will cover over 1 month of CRP Standard Plan for a company that consumes up to 50K USD/month in Azure. If your company consumes more than 50K USD/month, feel free to contact us directly for more trials and discount offers.

  • Pro-customer pricing, you save more while paying less
    • 8iSoft has the best pricing model for you, the more you save, the less you pay. Unlike monthly fee plans which do not take the amount you save into account, or pay-as-you-save models that charge you MORE as you save more.

E.g. If you consume $10K public cloud use during in January, you pay 8iSoft $200 for CRP. Through using CRP, you were able to optimize your cloud use and save 20% consumption to $8K on February, you pay 8iSoft $40 dollars less than the past month. When you optimize cloud consumption, you also pay less in CRP.

  • Simple and transparent pricing
    • CRP cost can be determined very easily by multiplying 2%, 3%, or 5% to your cloud spend depending on what offer you chose to purchase.
    • Unlike workload or pay-as-you-save pricing models, where the price is complex and ambiguous based on assumed definition of savings.
    • Unlike offers with step-wise consumption dependent tiers (e.g. different costs for $10K, $50K, $100K consumption) with large cost differences, our prices are completely linear, continuous, and predictable.

  • No base fee, no need to stop subscribing
    • For corporations that have a lot of cloud consumption fluctuations between projects, there’s no need to unsubscribe because the less cloud you consume, the less we charge you.
    • CRP is for customers who wants a long term worry-free investment.
  • The pricing module is based on your total cloud consumption. Hence, no matter how many public providers you currently use, the subscription fee = total cost in cloud times the pricing module you choose.
  • For multi-cloud users, you could manage all your resources in our single platform and view cost summaries across all platforms in a single view.
  • For single cloud users, you have full access to your designated dashboard able to leverage our multi-cloud calculator to find out how much you could optimize your cloud savings using cloud resources of other providers in order to maximize savings.
  • It depends on your monthly cloud consumption. However, you can estimate it by averaging your most recent 6-12 months’ cloud cost to have an idea of your average monthly consumption.
  • Or contact us for free security check service and let us know that you would like us to estimate your monthly cloud fee. We will also provide you with resource allocation and cost saving recommendations based on your current cloud use.

Ready to Start?

Contact us for a health check on your cloud expense management. We can help analyze whether you achieve the goals above!