Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization

"Save your time, Simplify your life"

Do you know that, according to the survey, up to 32% of the cloud resources used by enterprises are wasted. Optimizing existing use of cloud has been a top priority for several years, with up to 59% of enterprises planning or ongoing processing. Imagine how much of your monthly cloud expense would be saved through managing your cloud resources strategically. 

How do we get started? 

First, the cloud include plenty of resources to choose. It is easy to find solutions with lower prices but higher specifications.

Next, you can flexibly choose the most economical solution from multiple public cloud platforms and engine rooms around the world. These public cloud platforms also offer long-term leases and discount solutions for remaining resources. 

In addition, take an inventory of the resources currently in use. Are there any resources left unused? Some machines can be scheduled to deallocate during off-peak usage periods. 

Finally, establishing a continued workflow for cost management includes three core pillars. 

One, finding optimal option for resource type selection. Two, monitoring transparent and real-time usage information. Three, allocating resources and their corresponding responsibility within your organization.

Caloudi is committed to using AI technology and SaaS services to help customers manage cloud resources effectively, and continuously improve cloud expense management. Contact us for a health check on your cloud expense management. We can help analyze whether you achieve the goals above. 

Save your time. Simplify your life!